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Unity&Care is created to help all those in need and affected by Russia's war against Ukraine.  Since February 24, 2022, we have been actively helping Ukrainians. Initially we conducted fundraisers through social media and saw how much  people rallied together and were willing to help each other. That's why we created an automated resource.


Unlike other charitable foundations, we provide monthly financial reports and provide evidence of work done.

The main principle of our organization: "Charity should be transparent and really help those in need!"

Having its own resource for transportation, our foundation is able to organize prompt delivery of humanitarian aid.


The mission of our charitable foundation is to benefit the public by helping the defenders of our country, the medics who save hundreds of thousands of lives and the victims of a horrible war.

Our team works on the transparency of monthly financial reporting.

We want to help every person in need. To do this, we have developed an application form for help on our website. Now every person in need and in trouble can leave an application. We will do our best to make sure that everyone is heard and not left alone with their problems.

Only by uniting together we can improve the world and prove that there is no place for loneliness and indifference in this age.



Serhii Gurynenko

Co-founder, CEO

My name is Serhii, I'm Ukrainian by nationality and vocation. I was born and live in Kiev. I have two vocational educations. In 2015, I founded a company successfully engaged in construction. So it happened that on February 24, 2022 war came to our home, our country - a great misfortune for the whole nation...

I took up volunteering and helping our warriors and defenders from the first days. Having united with Andrii Verkhulevsky and Serhii Stepanenko, we opened the charity foundation "Unity and Care". We are developing and expanding our support and helping the defenders and armed forces of Ukraine, medical workers and ordinary citizens who find themselves in difficulty.

Everything will be Ukraine!

Co-founder, Coordinator

Andrii Verkhulevsky

My name is Andrii. I was born in Chernigiv city, lived in Nizhyn and Kyiv. I have two professional-technical educations, also graduated from the higher educational institution "NTU", passed the military department. Today I am 36 years old, I have the best wife Julia and three wonderful children Roman, Michael and Makarchik. Since 2010, I have been the owner of a construction company. I loved my homeland and enjoyed my life! But war came... non-humans came trying to destroy everything that was dear to me!!! Today I am helping "Azov" regiment, fulfilling my tasks and volunteering, and doing everything possible to provide our soldiers with everything they need from medicines to full ammunition! I am motivated to provide the highest level of care for soldiers, doctors and civilians.

Join us! 

Якорь 1

Serhii Stepanenko

Co-founder, Project Author

I am glad to welcome you! My name is Serhii. I am originally from Dnipro city, but have been living in Kiev for many years. All my conscious life I have been working in business and media development, building companies. Having a family and a great sense of responsibility, I always wanted to do something big and useful for society.

Today, Ukraine is in trouble and there is no time for dreams, so by joining with like-minded people we have created a platform to help everyone who is in need of support. I learned from my own experience that there is no thing more precious in the world than a human life, and each of us must do everything we can to save or save it. I hope the world hears our call and responds with dignity and responsibility!

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