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This aid programme is created to help the population! There are a lot of affected people who need help. Many people are left without family, home, or even food. It is a great pity that young children suffer. The least we can do for them is to feed them and give them shelter. All funds collected in this section we spend on humanitarian aid, housing assistance, medical supplies, etc.

Support the Ukrainians and help the innocent!

Helping to affected
Unity and care foundation photo 1

Humanitarian and financial aid to the affected population 

Helping to armed forces

Our heroes and our defenders! The soilders who defend Ukraine and hold the lines! These great people need support. Every day their ranks swell and the guys need ammunition and more . The lives of these people are priceless! They defend Ukraine, and we must do everything to protect them and keep them safe. All funds collected in this section will be used to support the armed forces of Ukraine! We will deliver to our defenders provisions, military ammunition, hygiene products, medicines, and more. Join to army supporting now!

Support for the armed forces of Ukraine

unity and care armed forces

Medical professionals are also the heroes of our time! These people perform miracles in the midst of a shortage of medicines and medical devices. To work in such terrible conditions is heroic behavior. We must do everything we can to make sure that our medics can work under easier conditions. Doctors must be provided with everything they need. We use all  funds raised in this section to buy medicines, surgical instruments and special medical devices.  Join and support!

Helping to physicians

Ukrainian doctors need equipment and medicines

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